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ATS Experts

Ted Landgraf

CEO| Chief Procurement Officer, Above The Standard Procurement Group


Ted is an experienced global presenter with a passionate and enthusiastic presentation and speaking style, empowering, motivating, and producing lasting change for individuals and organizations.


Warren Rutherford

Owner & President, The Executive Suite and Rutherford Advisors, Inc.


Warren is a senior level expert in public administration, human resources management, executive management and leadership development and executive recruiting.

What Our Clients Think

Above the Standard is an action oriented company with a laser-like focus on saving their clients money. Their deep experience and team-based approach allows them to help companies set up new money savings processes that memorialize their savings methods for years to come.

Vice President, Capital One Bank

The Above the Standard Procurement Group team drove this project by gathering detailed information regarding the current systems deployed and understanding the long term cost for those systems. We were better able to understand where Sprint was and was not a fit. The bottom line result was almost a 44% cost reduction per year. This resulted in more than $2,100,000 in savings for the contract term!

Major Account Executive, Sprint

Above the Standard Procurement Group is the premiere go-to company for cost savings, efficiency and training! They worked beyond expectation with the YWCA Greater Los Angeles on various tasks in procurement, finance, and administration; saving us thousands! Above the Standard Procurement Group carries the highest level of integrity and professionalism and I am pleased to recommend them to anyone looking for a better way of managing.

CEO, YWCA of Greater Los Angeles

Above the Standard was involved in a national fleet project that streamlined efficiency and reduced costs across the U.S. During this time the company went through an extensive RFP project for their entire corporate fleet. They were very involved in the project and their research was thorough and comprehensive.

Fortune 100 Financial Institution, Account Manager, Fleet Services, Maryland

Above the Standard Procurement Group

Above the Standard’s (ATS) proven 30+ year track record has helped small to large organizations increase profits in the tens of billions of dollars all over the globe, at an average of 28.2% increase, 98% of the time for our engaged clients in all procurement cost reduction and finance cases!

Our global network includes more than a thousand certified suppliers, tenured experts, strategic partners, and representation in many nations. And, we have had the privilege to work in industries including Non-profit, Government, private, public, commercial, Universities, and much more.

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Ted Landgraf