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Global Executive | Procurement Expert | Strategist | Empowering Trainer | Change Leader

Mr. Landgraf is an experienced global presenter with a passionate and enthusiastic presentation and speaking style, empowering, motivating, and producing lasting change for individuals and organizations.

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Executive Profile

  • International Trainer: Procurement, cost reduction, vendor management, supply chain disruption, change management, management, leadership, and other topics in Six Continents.
  • Best Practice: Creation and implementation of Best Practice, Standard Operating Procedures, Governance, Turnkey System, Contract Templates, Training Systems, and Core Guides for efficient maximization of each team, cost avoidance, cost reduction, and sustainable practice in many organizations around the globe.
  • Knowledge Management: Developed comprehensive, in depth set of Intellectual property in the area of procurement, finance, cost reduction, and Core Business Principles across many business sectors.
  • Strategy: Developed and implemented many plans for optimum communications, compliance, best value (lowest cost included), supply chain disruption and risk management, and supplier management.
  • Systems: Streamlined entire procurement and finance systems in many organizations ($10 M to $68 B) increasing effective requisition, contract, order, and pay, thus reducing cost and time.
  • Industry: Commercial, Private, Public, Government, Non-Profit, Small to Fortune ...
  • Categories: includes most Indirect Spend and many direct (1,000 areas).

Some Achievements

  • Procurement and Shared Services Department development and implementation for several organizations.
  • Streamlined system implementation, re-organizations, changed processes, strategies, and objectives.
  • Compliance oversight and audit for ISO, procurement, process and finance in many industries.
  • Team creation for new start-up companies, new divisions, and new markets.
  • Enhanced and managed budgets from $100M to billions.


Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Business Plans

Warren is a senior level expert in public administration, human resources management, executive management and leadership development, executive recruiting; including development and implementation of job factoring and compensation systems, pay for performance, and the development and implementation of management and leadership training programs and handbooks / manuals for managers.

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Job Descriptions                      Compensation Development  Performance Appraisals

Pay for Performance               Job Factoring                          Management Training

Leadership Training                Management Handbooks       Employee Handbooks

Organizational Analysis          Executive Coaching                 Executive Recruitment



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science
  • Masters of Public Administration Degree, Organization and Public Management Specialty,
  • 20 years as:
    • Town Manager in Barnstable, MA, (1,200 employees), Council-Manager Government
    • Town Executive in Canton, MA, (300 employees)
    • Town Administrator in Uxbridge, MA (200 employees) and
    • Planner/Fiscal Officer for the MacKinnon Training Center in Southbridge, MA.
    • Member of International City/County Management Association (ICMA) from 1984 through 2000.
  • 17 years executive coaching, executive recruitment, and human resources management and leadership consulting expertise providing advisory services to over 150 organizations, including:
    • 30 government job factoring classification and compensation contracts since 1998
    • 25 government organizational studies since 1998
    • 10 government Employee Handbooks for HR policies and procedures since 1998
    • Designed and implemented job factoring and classification and compensation manuals for use with all clients.
    • Designed and implemented over 12 pay for performance systems since 1998.
  • Published in Business DISCoverY Success Secrets from the Men and Women Who Make Things Happen, “Developing Effective Communications in a Business.”
  • Written Leadership in the New Economy, Become More Self-Aware, Authentic, and Smart in Leading and Managing Others, a workbook used in his executive leadership coaching programs, coaching and training municipal and private managers since 2004.
  • Expert at smart planning, hiring, managing, and motivating processes, is expert at creating "high performance" workforces that are productive and profitable, and is expert at understanding, developing, and improving business communications with a strong emphasis on developing alignment between ownership, management, employees, and customers.
  • Accredited in a variety of assessment and coaching methods and uses these certifications and expertise in his coaching, staffing, and training programs.  These include 5th Level Coach, Master Coach, Values Index, Attributes Index, DISC Index, and the One Page Business Plan. He is the Director of Coaching Programs for Innermetrix, Inc. and certifies individuals as 5th Level Coaches and Senior Level Coaches.
  • Certified as a process improvement trainer in GOAL/QPC and VATS process systems.


Global Professional and Executive, Strategic Planner, Operations Expert, Sourcing Guru, Global Contracts Professional, Print Industry, Renown Negotiator, and Effective and Sustainable Change Manager

Robert is an accomplished senior executive with more than 25 years of experience, highly skilled in strategic planning and execution and expertise in strategic sourcing and transformational leadership challenges. As Vice President, Operations at the New York Times Company, he led an organization with over eight hundred employees and was responsible for national, multi-site production and delivery services with revenues and operating budgets that exceeded $200 million.

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Throughout Mr. Urillo’s career, he successfully re-engineered operations and procedures, developing effective performance objectives and implementing new strategies that lead to successful results. His transparent leadership style promotes organizational alignment and customer-focused teams. He is also an experienced strategic sales leader capable of increasing market share, advertising and commercial printing revenues and building successful customer-centric relationships.


Mr. Urillo is highly regarded by industry professionals as a thought leader and innovation specialist. His keen ability to develop clear and sustainable financial plans and secure new revenue sources differentiates him from others and enables him to deliver phenomenal results, sustainable business growth and aggressive launches of industry-leading products, services and technologies.


Bob holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Production Management from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He is also very active in community based initiatives and has served on many advisory boards and local economic development leadership teams.


Professional Competencies

  • Strategic Planning
    • Process Innovation
    • Project / Change Management
  • Negotiation
    • Contract
    • Global Partnership Development
    • Best Value Creation (Cost Reduction)
    • Strategic Sourcing & Procurement
    • Vendor Relations
  • Training
    • Contracts
    • Negotiations
    • Management Style and Leadership
      • How People Lead, Manage, and Work
    • Manufacturing Efficiencies
    • Reorganizations
  • Leadership Development
    • Executive Coaching
    • Human Capital and Strategy Development
    • Labor Relations
    • Performance Management
  • Operations
    • Lean Manufacturing
    • Load & Demand Management
    • Material Handling Management
    • Process Innovation
    • Inventory Management
    • Project Management
    • Integrated Supply Chain Management
  • Brand Management
  • Business Cycle Analysis
  • COGS Analysis
  • Commercial Print Design & Strategy
  • Compliance Management
  • Consumer Marketing Analysis
  • CRM Development
  • Customer Order Fulfillment
  • Customer Profiling & Segmentation
  • Diversity Supplier Development
  • Financial Modeling
  • Fleet Management
  • Global Logistics
  • KPI Evaluation
  • Logistics\Distribution
  • Packaging Design & Execution
  • Press Operations & Engineering
  • Quality Assurance Implementation
  • Route Optimization
  • Sales Prospect Development
  • Stakeholder Analysis


Positions | Titles

Some of the prestigious positions Mr. Urillo has had are as follows:

  • Vice President, Operations, New York Times
  • Director, Production Technologies, New York Times
  • President, The Step Saver, Incorporated
  • Vice President Sales & Marketing, The Step Saver, Incorporated
  • Regional Sales Manager, Goss Graphic Systems


Major Accomplishments | Global Organizations

Mr. Urillo has accomplished many things for organizations.  Over Mr. Urillo’s entire tenure he was responsible for more than $ 300,000,000 in savings from both procurement and operational efficiencies. He has also been able to increase sales by over 40% for the companies he represented.


Some of Mr. Urillo’s many specific accomplishments include:


The New York Times

  • Implemented new commercial printing sales organization including commission plans and strategies that increase sales by over 35% in 2 years.
  • Negotiated all capital projects, contracts, equipment, consumables and printing contracts for all consolidations.
  • Consolidated production facilities both within the group and with external business partners that resulted in $2.9M in savings and $3.5M in revenue.
  • Developed strategic partnership with Dow Jones – The Wall Street Journal that led to $2.5M in revenue.
  • Restructured the production and supply chain operations resulting in an 8% reduction of overall expenses.
  • Implemented effective approaches that maintained quality levels and improved productivity throughout the organization.
  • Successfully passed all internal and external SOX, ABC and PCI audits and all facilities met internal insurance audits and regulations.
  • Implemented continuous improvement programs throughout the production organization.


Production Technologies

  • Analyzed, negotiated and contracted fully leveraged, complex multi-year agreements that resulted in $30M in savings.
  • Implemented testing of new technology to help enhance, streamline and standardize the production processes as well as the equipment and reporting across the company.
  • Played lead role in designing the Production Optimization Council, created to determine key vendor reduction strategies and implementation plans across business units, resulting in a 25% reduction in consumable vendors.


The Step Saver, Incorporated

  • Negotiated sale of company for former owners and managed the post-sale transition process as well as the responsibility for all budget preparation and management.
  • Expanded circulation of publication and launched new editions while also redesigning the entire publication using market research, customer and reader feedback and employee ideas resulting in $90K in revenues.
  • Improved the profitability of the company by controlling expenses with the implementation of a budget system – this improved accountability and allowed for more detailed and timely fiscal reporting.
  • Increased commercial printing revenues by 15%.


Awards | Certifications | Development

Mr. Urillo has many certifications, awards, and continued development.  Some of these are:

  • Center for Creative Leadership - The Looking Glass Experience (2003)
  • Harvard University - The Program on Negotiation for Senior Executives (2002)
  • Franklin Covey Management Institute - Time Management (2001)
  • University of Southern California - Times Mirror Executive Leadership Institute (1997)


Executive, Procurement, Talent Acquisition, Strategic Sourcing, Operations Management, Project Management, and Global Expert

Jill is an accomplished procurement professional. She has led transformations that have increased many organizations ability to implement better, faster and smarter supply chain decisions and provide world-class service to its customers, generating value that goes beyond cost savings.  Ms. Efford’s methodologies also include process improvements and innovations that enable the supply chain organization to operate more effectively and deliver a return on its investments.

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Having had the opportunity to work with two Global Fortune 500 Manufacturing Companies and one Global Risk Management and Advisory Consulting Firm, Ms. Efford has worked with a strategic network of best-in-class providers, enabling organizations to expand capabilities while maintaining flexibility and focus its internal resources on its core competencies.



  • Harmonized Procurement Processes across three merged organizations to increase spend under management and generate cost reductions.
  • Managed the Corporate Global Procurement process for purchases with a team of in house procurement professionals and outsourced providers to generate savings, support processes, and supplier improvements.
  • Managed the expansion of a U.S. centered strategic sourcing and spend management program to North America and then globally, growing spend under management in all Indirect Goods and Services Categories.
  • Engaged all levels of organization in initiatives with interface and support of the Executive Level for outstanding team outputs, improved benchmarks, and bottom line improvements always exceeded
    • The average percentage has been more than twenty percent globally over the last twenty years.


System Implementation

  • Managed implementation of e-procurement tools and P2P processes.
  • Built spend Categorization and Analysis Tools.
  • Developed Metrics and Reporting Tools.
  • Designed and Implemented internal webpage for communication of preferred vendors and Savings Results.


Process Improvement

  • Developed and Implemented Procurement Department and Processes including Employee Training and Procedures
  • Lead Development of Procure to Pay Processes with Implementation of new ERP System
  • Facilitated the creation and implementation of policies and procedures with stakeholders to support programs and cost reduction initiatives.
  • Utilized Six Sigma methodology to increase efficiencies and improve throughput.
  • Developed a Contract Management to standardize process and assist with Spend under Management.
  • Developed a team of in house procurement professionals and outsourced providers to generate savings and support processes and supplier improvements.
  • Managed quadruple increase of Spend under Management to greater than $500M over a three year period through a formal communications program to illustrate the benefits and effect on the bottom line through stakeholder conferences. This led to shared and leverage-able process improvements and innovations that other plants leveraged.
  • Implemented a Travel Sourcing Program on $18M in spend that saved fifteen percent over two years. In another program consolidated three Travel Programs to increase savings opportunity on Air, Car, and Hotel by fifteen percent in less than 6 weeks.   Developed plan to further increase savings by another ten percent through Hotel Request for Proposal and Air Contracts over next year.
  • Developed Fleet Management Program that increased efficiency and reduced risk as well as saving fourteen percent on average per vehicle.
  • Implemented Consolidated Insurance Program that reduced costs by $500,000 and simplified stakeholder process.
  • Managed Identification and consolidation of more than $11M Plant Products and services spend over two years to reduce hard dollar cost by twelve percent. In this process, also achieved substantial process and service level improvements through supplier collaboration and ‘best in class’ process improvements.
  • Managed implementation of Contingent Labor Program that reduced costs by six percent and standardized recruiting and hiring practices, which led to more savings in organization processes and efficiencies.
  • Worked with IT on Equipment Standardization Program and Managed Implementation of Contracts on IT Hardware (Computers, MFD’s, Cellular) Data Center that generated savings of greater than seventeen percent.
  • Managed Harmonization of Commercial Insurance Program resulting in increased coverage in over $900,000 in savings


Overall, Ms. Efford has not only improved the bottom line in the hundreds of millions of dollars, Ms. Efford has designed and implemented sustainable practices, increased efficiencies, improved human capital output, created best in practice global teams, recruited and trained and mentored professionals for greater outcomes, while increasing revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars during her global career.


Global Professional, Financial Controller, Financial and Analysis Management, Costing Oversight Management, System Implementation

Ron is an accomplished Senior Financial Global Professional with experience in Fortune 500 manufacturing, major Midwestern-based energy organization, and distribution warehousing. He has also been a key manager on selected assignments; worldwide working capital control project, system implementations, planning and analysis, standard cost structuring, and inventory controls.

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Financial controller within numerous plant sites and financial planning and analysis management of a $500 Million division for a $2 Billion global corporation.  Financial analysis and planning manager with reporting responsibility for numerous U.S. plants, eight European plants, and one buy / resale hub on another continent.  Managed projects encompassing continuous flow activity and alignment, make versus buy opportunities, and new product releases. Six Sigma Greenbelt techniques were utilized continuously to improve the performance capabilities and ensure strong internal procedures and controls.


Finance Management

  • Directed and coordinated financial activities for business support of worldwide executive teams with efforts of maximizing companies’ growth and profits.
  • Full responsibility for profit and loss / balance sheet.
  • Multi-million dollar financial statement analysis and review.
  • Heavy interface and support of executive team, business managers and their supporting staff as financial expertise was provided and implemented. Operational goals and budgets were supported with additional strategy development and variation control.
  • Accurately reported financial results and forecasts to management utilizing a structured approach; surfaced, validated, and challenged variances to plan; facilitated informed decisions and appropriate actions.
  • Heavy focus on continuous improvement, best practices, lean methodologies in all areas including automated system approach. Policies and procedures were continuously reviewed to quantify results and ensure quality of overall financial information.
  • Managed the annual budget and strategy processes, balance sheet, and cash flow forecasts.
  • Assessed and evolved the finance organization, built a strong center around the processes and controls while developing staff and creating organizations capable of sustaining planned growth.
  • Interfaced with the corporate financial leadership to communicate and collaborate on global financial business affairs and escalated issues to upper management when necessary.
  • Worked both independently and in team environments to ensure thorough analysis and understanding achievement in all projects.
  • Managed implementation of three GL platforms while validating account master, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable sub-ledgers.
  • Managed multi-million dollar CPA budget while interfacing with managers at plants; continuous updates of machinery for process flow capabilities.


Costing Oversight and Management

  • Key manager during implementation of three standard inventory costing packages; building and supporting BOMs, labor routings, and material masters.
  • Inventory ledger values reflecting 95% accuracy of current operational production in a standardized environment.
  • Performed manufacture and buy analysis for offshore production.
  • Wrote system procedures to reflect inventory rollups and variation control reporting along with “As Is” line processes.
  • Continuous review of family product levels to prevent slow moving and excess inventory levels.


System Implementation

  • Key manager on implementation for three software platforms (SAP, Oracle, and Fourth-shift).
  • Hands on approach with sub-ledger roll ups (AP & AR), WIP, standard costing platforms, purchasing platforms, shipping, and operational movement of inventory levels as BOMs were tested for back-flush of lower level components.
  • Flowcharted, and wrote policy and procedures to test product flow along with GL postings.
  • Built and tested reports to track and analyze variation controls.


Procurement, Inventory Control, Logistics, and Forecasting/Demand Planning

Art brings 25 years of operations (13) and consulting (12) experience in supply chain and procurement leadership in business sectors such as pharmaceutical and bio-tech, financial services, food & beverage, telecommunications, agricultural, healthcare, hotel, specialty chemicals, investment banking, and light metals sectors.

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Art’s value through procurement and supply chain improvement to his companies and clients has been through process and organization transformation, value chain improvement, and sustainable training. In these areas, he has consistently led both major initiatives and teams to breakthrough results of $250M+ in savings, and significant business risk mitigation.

Art is also an international Procurement trainer, having trained across North America, Asia, West Indies, and Europe for over a decade. Most recently, he has developed a comprehensive, robust set of intellectual property for the process of supplier relationship management (SRM) which he is applying and marketing with his clients in the GCC.

Art grew up in Aliquippa, PA outside of Pittsburgh, and now has a home in Delray Beach, FL. He is a proud father of one daughter who is in her third year of medical school at WVSOP. His two corporate assignments were with Alcoa (‘86-’93) and UDV (now Diageo, ‘94-’00). In mid-2000, he stepped into the consulting era of his career, and has not since looked back.

Art’s educational background includes a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering from West Virginia University, and an MBA from Rennsalaer Polytechnic Institute in New York.

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