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Above the Standard Procurement Group®, Inc. has more than 30 years of global experience in procurement and finance. We have worked within the Government, nonprofit, private and public, and small to some of the largest organizations around the globe.

We have trained CEO's, CFO's, COO's, Executives, and Procurement Professionals; Contract Experts, Attorneys, and managers about procurement and the importance of compliance, regulation, and best value in procurement and finance.

Above the Standard offers the following 2, 3, or 5 day training workshops:

  • Advanced Procurement Negotiations
  • Audit, Compliance, and Regulation
  • Bid and Tender Strategies
  • Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR)
  • U.S. Government and U.S. Federal Contractors
  • Cost Reduction – Ted Landgraf
  • Effective Bid and Tender Strategies (Oil and Gas Industry)
  • Relationship Development, Business Development, and Leadership
  • Shared Services
  • Procurement, Property/Logistics, Finance



  •  6th-7th Advance Procurement Negotiations and Strategies Karachi ,Pakistan


  •  20th- 21st Costs Savings Strategies for Oil & Gas Contracts Qatar

Above the Standard's interactive training workshops contain practical and applicable areas that will empower you, your team, and your entire organization!

ATS' training workshops will provide you and your organization, with techniques, exercises, templates, forms, white papers, and other materials, that will allow you to become more effective, increase communications and enable your team to do more!

As a result, you will see greater bottom line results, your best value will improve, and an improvement in host of other areas.

ATS' training workshops contain real life, results oriented, and time tested techniques.

Above the Standard's interactive training workshops provide your organization with practical information and valuable takeaways that ensure's the methods and tips introduced during our training workshop's will continue long after the training ends!

Because of the rapid changes taking place in the global business world, the need to become more effective with time, resources, less staff, and less money, has become vital in today's business environment. Our training workshops provide important tools and tips that will help your organization increase productivity while reducing your bottom lines costs.

Our training workshops are NOT just another training or workshop where you will leave from and not have change. ATS Training is about PRACTICAL CHANGE designed to increase the productivity and decrease the bottom line expenses of your organization.

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Above the Standard is an action oriented company with a laser-like focus on saving their clients money. Their deep experience and team-based approach allows them to help companies set up new money savings processes that memorialize their savings methods for years to come.

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